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December 01, 2012


Nel shallow

A beautiful review Jenny of a wonder-full book which, alongside her blog, has been my companion too this year. I love her gracious womanhood and seeking of God in the domestic ordainedness of life - as a working women in ministry and a homemaker with a bustling family she has enabled me to discover God anew in all my everydays. Emily Dickinson is one of my favourite poets so I love Ann Voskamp's lilting style and the way in which some of her prose is both poetic and psalmic. Just this past week I downloaded the free APP to begin my 2013 list - a paper free version of the printed resource used this year. I have also used Ann Voskamp's prayer resources throughout this year ~ charming free printables available via her blog www.aholyexperience.com. Bless you Jenny x

Jenny Cornfield

Thanks Nel!

Jennie fytche

Thank-you for writing this review. This book has been my companion as with Nel for the last year. It is a book I turn to a lot and have gifted to many friends and to my eldest daughter. Each day I journey with Anne on her blog being challenged, empowered and uplifted by the ordinariness of the day. Her resources have been used to enrich my family time at home, and with other people I meet and groups I enable.
Thank-you for bringing this to the attention of my people.

Penelope Swithinbank

I agree - this book was the first step for me out of a long dark journey of the night (PTSS following a traumatic accident) and my first 1000 listed marked a huge difference. The style is certainly different - but therein partly lies its appeal. It is very different to many if not most of the 'normal' Christian books one reads! And her honesty when writing her blog posts is enormously helpful too. I have given this book to many people, loaned it to others, and have also given the Gift edition to a non-believer who found it beautifully helpful. Can I urge others to read it of they haven't done so?

Emily Nicholls

What a fantastic review from Jenny. I've not read the book but I want to now!! I have been onto Ann's blog occasionally and I enjoy reading her observations and reflections - they always impact me in some way. Honest, inspiring, challenging, moving... she is a gifted writer. Will put the book on my Christmas list, quick!!

Jenny Cornfield

Thanks for all your comments! Any other books that you have found to be inspirational this year?

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