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November 29, 2012



The creation of a new press regulatory body which will allow for third party complaints making it easier for individual women to complain about their representation in the media.


I’m not sure I’m allowed to be commenting on this article as I’m male but I would life to put my view across if possible

I do get weary of women complaining about newspaper and magazines such as nuts and zoo exploiting women and objectifying them , if you bring it down to its basest level humans are mammals the same as any mammals on this planet and when you take away all the sophistication and achievements the human race have done a man’s primary purpose is to procreate it’s in his DNA! There gets to a point where feminists are going to have to realise wrong though it maybe is
That this is the best it’s going to get and the more they push on every small point the less sympathy men are going to have , men are always going to feel that they are superior and as is proven they rarely are but if you take a scenario of a female in a male dominated office parse whether in a superior role or a subordinate you take that group of men and put them in a pub or other social setting without the woman present they will speak about her in a derogative way! Either about her ability or in a sexual way , you will never change that no matter how much it shouldn’t happen it always will regardless of whether its working class or upper class.

As for the issue of objectifying women , yes there is a lot of nudity in magazines and newspapers but sadly that’s because there is a demand for it , men have an overwhelming urge to see the female form naked which I think comes down to my point above , I would have no issue with female magazines or newspapers showing the equivalent amount of naked men but they don’t because women are not as crass as men , however I do find women’s magazines worse than men’s circling cellulite , insulting what someone’s wearing etc. men’s magazine complement how good someone looks (albeit without a top on).

I’m sure I will get a flurry of responses abhorred about my comments but I’m just writing from an honest male who agrees there are many inadequacies in the current world and whilst many of them should be addressed there are many that should be just accepted rightly or wrongly

What irks more than anything are programmes aimed at women i.e. loose women for example which is as far as I’ve seen just an excuse to slag off men , if there was a programme called loose men it would cause outrage amongst feminists ! it’s got to the stage now where women feel as though due to the weight of history that they are still treated as the inferior sex when they are not , yes history has not been kind to women and in the past they have been unjustly treated , you only have to go back 40 years and see some old advertising to see what a sexist world we used to live in ,but it’s not like that now , there are so many sex discrimination laws no one can afford to be openly sexist anymore and that’s part of the problem , many people resent this whole culture of not having free speech for fear of offending someone and it drives the problem underground , the sexism unfortunately will always be there and by feminists bleating on about every issue starts to grate , men are full of testosterone and its inbred that they are here to protect the female of the species in the same way as any other creature on this planet and the constant demining of men however subtle in humorous TV ads or comedy shows dilutes that basic instinct and an interesting fact I read the other day is in the last 5 years more and more men are watching or looking at online pornography and this report surmised that it’s the only time a male can feel liberated and not ashamed to be looking or commenting on the female body. So I think the more feminist push for equal rights on everything more men (in general) are going to look at images that women find are exploitive or objectifying I really do not think we will ever get to a point that the feminists want I.e. equal rights on everything and a ban on pornography.

Please read these comments as an honest opinon on society and not just my views , I’m not sexist I’m in a relationship where we share the household duties & raising the kids 50/50 , we both work , I do the majority of the ironing and tidying she does the majority of the cooking (but only because shes better than I am) we have 2 sons who we raise to respect girls and not objectify them ,we also have an 11yr girl who is very conscious of her weight so I do understand the trials and tribulations of the opposite sex! I really do think the more its talked about and highlighted the worse its going to get.

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