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April 01, 2012



Wow, this sounds exactly where I'm at right now! Can't wait to read it!

faith hope & cherrytea

looking forward to a fresh and outward perspective. TY! for the review and the gvwy~

Pamela Rognlien

PAM ROGNLIEN IS MY NAME (using my husband's facebook account). We've just celebrated Jo Saxton's 3rd book release with a party at my house, but I really would like to get a copy of her 2nd book, not yet available in the US. Hope I win!! Yeah Jo and Sally!!

faith hope & cherrytea

as @_eHope I have tweeted this review and giveaway ~ getting out the Word on FB as well


Alice smith

brilliant! yes please! thanks for reviewing and getting us excited!

Doll Fisher

Sounds fab and exactly why my friends and I started our group of 'inbetweeners' at church! would love to review this on my blog...

Emma Bater

Oooo pick me pick me!! This book sounds A-MAZING! Emma Bater x x x

Amy Page

Sounds fantastic! I'd love one.

Lydia Miller

Looks fab - thanks!

Natalie Andrews

Sounds good, thank you. Natalie

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