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April 01, 2012


Claire Alcock

Is there such a thing as a feminine soul - I'm not convinced. I think I'm with Elaine Storkey when she suggests it's societally conditioned. (Created or Consructed - good book). But I love the idea of using the women in the bible as a resource to think about these things, especially the ones who had life changing encounters with Jesus.

Reuben Addis

I also wonder if the way we see ourselves, the world, and God are shaped more by our social context then by our biology. I wonder if expediences of childcare and finamcial dependence leave us with those negative inner voices. This is perhaps starting to change. for example in my daughters class it is usually the girls who are first to volunter for public speaking. Men in the bible also often needed to be told to shine. For Moses his fear perhaps started with his stutter,for Gideon it was perhaps family. I guess the question is how do we encourage all to be confident enough to serve as God is calling them to whatever predisposed them to lack confidence.

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