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April 01, 2012



Thanks for this Cheryl, it was a good reminder for me not to take on things that people say about us, as this week I was in a difficult meeting and a colleague called me a 'bully' and a 'demanding woman', because I like to do my work in a professional manner. When we stand for justice and integrity, we will be called names, as so often those we work with do not want us to challenge unprofessionalism. I too thank God for those I work with who allow me to do my job in a professional way and thank me for it. A great article, thank you.


This is a great article. Thanks for sharing your stories Cheryl. I know that I am often guilty of apologising before I speak, or cracking a joke at my own expense in order to avoid those accusations of being 'agressive' or 'opinionated' and so on and so forth. I am going to try to remember that sometimes I should be fierce and that being so can allow others to speak up, own their opinions and give them the confidence to express themselves positively.

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