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March 01, 2012



I love looking at new visions for today and tomorrow.

Jim Henderson

Thanks Jenny for sharing this - please connect comments to www.resignationofeve.com or my facebook wall - very curious about what you discover

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson-would love to win a copy!


This sounds fascinating - I am particularly struck by it as (although I came from a church which was very empowering and enabling for women and men) I have wrestled with some of the issues. Also I am currently at a theological college with a majority of young men, some of whom keep talking about how "feminised" the church is, and how they need to attract more men by tackling this! I hear what they are saying but also wonder what's going on beneath the surface...

Natalia Luptak

Love to win a copy @nata_lupta


what you've blogged is very thought provoking Jenny especially the challenge to discuss this with women that we know. All too often I fail to engage in this 'hot' topic.

would like to read and review the book if I am chosen


fascinating discussion and book! I am sure many churches are missing out on the amazing gifting and leadership qualities many women have to offer and the theological basis they base this on is misunderstood. Would love to read the book...

Kate M

Would love to read this! I am so fortunate/blessed to be in a church that recognises, encourages and affirms the gifts and leadership of women and men in partnership, two of us women are going to a leaders conference rather than the vicar! However I am also deeply saddened that in many of the churches not so very far from our door women are 'allowed' to lead the kids work (coz that's not important obviously) but cannot speak at the front. I am also deeply saddened that many of these churches attract lots of female students who often turn up at our church confused and angry as they sense a call from God but are being told it cannot be real....


as a woman who received a clear call to ministry, and couldn't do it without the encouragement and wisdom of many other women before me, I think this book sounds exciting. I'd love to read it!

Erin C

So much of women's recent experience within the church seems to be about reclaiming language for the purposes of inclusivity or creativity. I am intrigued by Jim Henderson's multiple uses of the work 'resign' and the fact that the book is born out of conversation. Would love to read my own copy!

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