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February 01, 2012


Jo T

Honestly, the cover of 'The Princess Plan' makes me want to cry.

Gems D

I have a 9 yr old daughter and I think I'd rather buy her the boys hero book. She has enough messages concerning how to be a princess from the world, I want her to be a strong Godly warrior aware of the fight and suited up in the right armour fit for purpose. However I expect someone will buy this for her in the hope that she learns to be more princess like and less like me her mum!


I was disappointed that SU went down the Princess route for this resource. I said this on our Facebook page a while ago but there's so much cultural baggage around princesses being passive, privileged, and obsessed with the superficial. And I wonder whether a Christian emphasis on women being 'daughters of the king' can be a way of saying 'women know your limits' - be content with being pretty and passive and special and looked after rather than agents of change. To be fair the book does highlight women in the Bible who were proactive and courageous, but the overall message is God wants you to be a princess!


If I could be so brave, and I really hope to offend no one from with the movement I work for and think is brilliant but i completley agree with Jenny.

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