• sophia animated womanThe Sophia Network exists to empower and equip women in leadership, and to champion the full equality of women and men in the church.

    The network is for all women who are in positions of leadership, who aspire to be leaders or who believe that women can be leaders.

    Registered charity: 1128538
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February 01, 2012


Ali Campbell

I am a full on supporter of Sophia Network - it is great! I am not sure though that we need another organisation, network - there are now just SO many . . . working together should mean we don't need to create something cause the bases are covered.

In some ways, it is not my "bag" - but Christian Vision for Men are doing a lot for inspiring, encouraging and challenging men to step up. They have, I am sure, resources aimed at younger men . . . maybe they might be a good place for Gary to go and have a chat?

Jenni Osborn

I really agree that our young men and boys need inspirational role models and encouragement and if there is a gap in the market then it needs someone with the vision to get the gap filled.

I also agree with Ali in that something new 'may' not be the answer - I don't know! More thought and research needed I would say - but got to start somewhere. Thanks Gary!

Lizzie Telfer

I agree with Ali and Jenni. Also, to combine both ideas could enable more of a connection with both genders working towards the empowerment, encouragement etc of one another. 'Sharing vision and action'.


if you do i'm not sure solomon is a great role model!

seemed to disobey the guidelines on being a good king in deuteronomy 17 -
"The king, moreover, must not acquire great numbers of horses for himself or make the people return to Egypt to get more of them, for the LORD has told you, “You are not to go back that way again.” 17 He must not take many wives, or his heart will be led astray. He must not accumulate large amounts of silver and gold."

he may have been wise but was a war mongerer, ran an empire built on slave labour, was a womaniser extraordinaire, and fraternised with false gods!!!!


Gary - I have juust emailed you. I have alot of contacts who would be up for something like this and have made conections with me through my role with Scripture Union. My own understanding of sex and gender would mean I would like to have any sort of online resource/sharing linked closely with this network. Chat soon

Gary Bott (@RevBott)

Good comments and thanks for taking the time to do so.

I certainly dont want to be creating anything 'new' that is already being done and agree there are many good organisations out there doing this kind of work, however i believe there is a gap when it comes to a central place where all these organisations can have a focal point to refer to for young men as the Sophia Network does for those working with younger women in youth work. I would see that whatever may come from this would very much 'mirror' what is being done through Sophia Network.

Jonny - I agree Solomon may not be the best character to be using, pointed out in your comment, but i was aiming to look at a 'wise' character as Sophia was. Any suggestions would be grateful!

Keep it coming, as the more we talk, the more iron sharpens iron!


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