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January 25, 2012



Thanks for sharing this experience, Sally. I think this is a really important area to talk about but it seems such a taboo.


Great stuff. High time we had far more womem involved in the church and full marks to the Anglican church for helping this happen.

Colin Wilson

I've just watched Sally on TV and am very confused. On the one hand I admire her stance and independant mind but on the other she reminds me of the tarts and vicars parties (like a love child of the two) so popular in the rural back waters amongst the middle classes. I consider my self to be a well balanced hetrosexual male but when I see Sally in that sexy black unifrom with dog collar too it is an even bigger turn on, like sexy nun outfits. And here is the conundrum however much I admire her I can't help seeing her as a sex object too, and I personally see nothing wrong with that as being wrong seems so right alos but Sally has to understand that she will always have more support from men than say Anne Widdicombe would because of the way she looks. Now I can hear the femanists saying to themselves typical man blah blah blah fish on bicylces (femanist for wit) etc. but to be fair it is very much a typical man even though many try to hide it, can Sally tell the difference? Sally you are popular but you are also very savvy and know exactly what you are doing when it comes to getting maximum exposure, the question is, is it for the reight reasons? and only you really know the answer here. I stopped going to church years ago as I thought the CofE was full of snobs that had lost contact with the real members of society that needed their help and many vicars preffered to be seen in the company of the local gentry having their egos massaged by making the greedy rich feel more secure. I still believe in God but find him my personal way and don't need a church for this. However, I always thought that female priests etc. was a positive way forward but I'm not too sure all are motivated for the greater good, egos and religion make the most abhorent bed fellows and always will. Sally is refreshing but I truly hope she's the real deal for the sake of religion and Christianity in particular.

Doug Massey

I think the Church in general needs to modernise and Sally Hitchiner advances that modernisation.Christianity encompasses all individuals young and old and Rev Hitchiner is reflecting that both outwardly and in her approach as a broadcaster which is far more in touch than the po-faced fuddy duddies that in many cases have driven away the young from the church whatever denomination.I hope Sally continues to provide her own interpretation of pastoral guidance and advice and I'm sure she is highly regarded by the students at Brunel.

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