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December 01, 2011


Ruth Wells

Thanks for this article - I think it is so important that we talk about these issues, as those who work with young people, with each other and with young people themselves. Sexual exploitation and traffiking is not something that happens 'somewhere else'. Maybe a follow-up from this article could be some further practical tips for 'spotting' those particuarly at risk and doing preventative work. Would love to see some more about this on Sophia website! Thank you :

Beth Stout

Hi Ruth! Sorry for a late reply, only just happened to come across your comment! We'd be really happy to do some more follow up to this article as you suggested, there's certain indicators we work with here at Golddigger Trust that we could share with you all, will get in touch with Jenny!
Also, we do run training sessions for youth workers (and anyone else who is in contact with young people) about Sexual Exploitation and other associated issues, and also offer our preventative work to agencies to book in, so if you (or anyone else) was interested in booking one for your church or organisation, just let me know! Email bookings@golddigger.org.uk and we can have a chat!
Beth x (Director- Golddigger Trust)

Welcome to Liebes Platz

specializing in adult, adolescent and teenage male and female sex offenders, as well as with patients with other psychiatric problems. Her vast experience in the realm of abnormal psychology and the legal system has provided her with unique insight into understanding criminal and deviant behaviors.

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