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November 01, 2011



Thanks for posting about this issue, Claire. I'm reading Natasha Walter's book at the moment and would highly recommend it to anyone working with teenagers (male or female) and to parents of teens and pre-teens. Suffice to say it influenced me enough that I was shouting at Kiera Knightley in a Dior advert recently!


One of the greatest things that we can do is to help young people read culture and equip them to distinguish truth from lies.

Oh yes. Thank you for this!


Try to avoid ‘fluffy’ girls’ work (pamper parties etc) which only perpetuates that a girls’ worth is based on her external attractiveness. Instead ensure that your youth programme is based around developing and using young people’s God-given gifts and talents. This will actively demonstrate that they were created uniquely by God for a very special purpose and their worth is based more than the size of their waist.

bravo. Well said.

Just wish it were easier to take on the million-dollar industry which exploits us all (men and women)

Danniejlla Dragas

The Article was very well written, the media has imprinted into very young and impressionable girls who have not yet found themselves or carved out a path in life that looks and acting out in a sexual manner will bring them the "spotlight" "fame" "love and adoration" and ultimately a HAPPY LIFE. The more outrageous you can be the more you can obtain the ultra skinny body frame the more success you will have.

To be a modern woman is not easy as we all know who have lived through the teenage years and have come through our twenties to find that self love comes from within to connecting to a Higher Power and looking for his approval and guidance.

Education, travel and leaving a legacy behind for the good of man should be in the front of most girls minds, if you can steer your children and keep them focused this should be the major goal of parents to secure the future of our child and our children's children. It is unfortunate that the media can be allowed to take our your generation into the direction of self destruction, it makes you wonder if there is a "conspiracy" to keep the masses in this state of confusion while the media play mind games with our youth and allow the countries governing bodies to manipulate the system we all live in.


These aren't pressures just faced by girls, but all young people. Boys are constantly told they are inferior too.

I find your suggestion that Rihanna is just the puppet of nasty men a little hard to believe. She openly admits that she enjoys being a submissive in BDSM activities, so stating that more men than women wrote the song she chose to sing seems irreverent. Beyonce's 'Run the World (Girls)' was written by Terius Nash (a man).

Are these media pressures causing all the things you are talking about, or are you making an assumption based on your own beliefs? I have to be honest, I think women cause more trauma to one another than men ever have. 'Lads mags' don't spend half as long trying to make girls feel bad about themselves as the girls ones do.

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