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September 01, 2011


Rosie Bourne

Hi Amanda,
Rosie from Cliff College here. Just read the article on forgiveness which was amazing - touched me in so many ways.
Lovely to still read articles from you and hear about your amazing life. You all look so well in the photos.
My daughter went to Machu Pichu last year as part of a three month holiday around South America - it was the highlight of the holiday.
Love and blessings to you all, Rosie xx


Thanks Rosie. We still think about Cliff COllege a lot! We are looking forward to visiting Machu Picchu for the first time in a few weeks - everyone says it is incredible! Give my love to all at Cliff x

Dannijella Dragas

Hi Amanda, it is only human to feel hurt, sadness and anger when we are wronged. Learning to take a deep breath and take the higher road is an art form and a lesson. Forgiving the person who wronged you and moving onwards is always the best way to be, it does not mean NOT standing up for your self and putting your point of view across then wishing them well and in the hope they one day will see it differently.

Thank you for a wonderful and all the work you do.

Dannijella Dragas

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