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    The network is for all women who are in positions of leadership, who aspire to be leaders or who believe that women can be leaders.

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June 01, 2011



Check out Katherine Rush's website for more information - www.katherinerush.daportfolio.com.


Thanks Claire - I'll add that link to the article


Hey thanks for this, I LOVE this artwork, recently all the artwork I've seen from the Christian realm (which isn't exactly loads) appears to have the inspiring bible verse tattooed across the painting in someway, which is not to my taste. This on the other hand is EXACTLY what I love about paintings. Thanks for drawing my attention to it! emily

Jenny Baker

I've just deleted a comment by someone that was insulting to this artist. Debate is welcome on this blog; it's fine to disagree with what's written and to express a different opinion, but comments that are rude or derogatory will be deleted.

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