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May 01, 2011


Dannijella Dragas

Kate a wonderfully writen book for WOMAN in BUSINESS, it was a pleasure to read and I hope many woman do. It was a start to inner understanding of themselves and how they project in the business world.

The most important factor in International Business as a woman is to STICK TO THE VALUES of INTEGRITY AND DOING THE RIGHT THING FOR THE ORGANIZATION, THE EMPLOYEES, THE CLIENTS AND THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. Leadership comes with many choices the CLOSER YOU ARE TO THE TOP OF THE ORGANIZATON or the World Organizations - it is a very lonely place when CRITICAL DECISIONS are made just like the wonderful Decision Obhama made recently.

Stick to the values and dig into your inner self- to THE LIGHT and do not loose yourself ---- INTEGRITY IS NOT FOR SALE.

Dannijella Dragas

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