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April 01, 2011


Faith Hope & Cherrytea

excellent! thank you. it reminds me of
Why Not Women, a book i highly recommend...


This sounds great. This is going on the 'to read' list...and I would love to win a copy :)

Female leader who inspires me? Jo Saxton!


Sounds like a good read, will have a go at winning one before I buy it! A female Christian leader who inspirs me is my friend Catherine.


Sounds like a really interesting book :-) Would love to read.

Female leader who inspires me; Ruth Dearnley

Sue Christie

Danielle's writing is always inspirational and this review sounds as if this book is no exception. My difficulty in choosing a female leader was ....there are certainly not enough however.... SO MANY inspire!! Going to go this time for Karen Ward - Episcopal Priest.

Lauren Johnson

Would love to win this!


Sounds like a great read and would love to win a copy! My favourite female leader has to be Danielle herself! I had not heard her speak until last April at Spring Harvest and she inspired me greatly - she speaks from the heart and is very genuine and passionate about her beliefs. She has also played a huge part in encouraging my 20yr old daughter to rediscover her faith.


It's always good to have well argue and inspirational books - and the review was very informative!

tracy keats

Wow, a book I really need to read. As a woman officer trying not to be cast into traditional roles. I need this book to strengthen my study further. My favorite female leader is Elise Brown, strong Lutheran clergy friend of mine.

David Cavanagh

I'd love a copy of this book and I'm inspired by Sandra Ryan (like Danielle Strickland, a Salvation Army officer) who has worked in Russian and in the roughest areas of Canada's inner cities, pioneering (together with her husband Geoff)an incarnational approach to ministry described as "614" (based on Isaiah 61:4).

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