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March 01, 2011


Wendy Swan

Great article, thanks Anita. I've found the same myself - when working from home it can be very hard to chill out. It helped me to be disciplined about space - not having work stuff visible all the time and, as you suggest, get out of there and do things with friends.
I'm blessed to work from a shared office now so home is MY space again.
As someone who gets anxious at the site of a busy dairy, I'm more likely to block out chunks of time for myself to do absolutely nothing (or whatever takes my fancy) as well as planned activities with friends. Being able to wake up with no plans for that morning is a real blessing for me.

Dannijella Dragas

Anita thank you for sharing and for opening up the thought process for other woman who either work full time, stay at home mothers or try to juggle both chilren, work, friends and family.

The speed the world revolves these days with so many distraction and the pressures have taken weekends out of most peoples vocabulary.

Trying to rediscover the days when weekends meant just that, it will take a conciouse effort to recapture the time and a Good Reading of Time Mangment Books or Courses could help here.

The 4 hour work week is a good read for some basic information - pratical or not it will start the thought process and with thoughts you begin to change the cycle --- if YOU REALLY WANT TO YOU WILL.

I am so pleased to have read the article and to the great work you are doing.


Dannijella Dragas

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