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February 01, 2011


Karen Turnbull

This is great to read - especially after Christian apprentice was spoken about at youth work the conference. I wonder, might there be some resources so we could reproduce the Christian apprentice for our own girls? Especially as we live in Suffolk - I long way from the last residential!


We're having a meeting next week to talk about how to develop the weekend and whether we can train people up to deliver it in other places. Will keep you posted as to how that develops but great to hear that you're interested!

norma parsons

As a 'mature' member of the All Saints' congreation, to witness Emma's contribution at the evening contemporary service last sunday, was both amazing and inspiring! God has definitely got plans fot this young woman who is totally spirit filled; her delivery was so beautifully natural and relevant, particularly concerning the pressures that young people experience from all angles in today's society..... As they say, 'she rocked!'

norma parsons

sorry....congregation and for !

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