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December 09, 2009


Ruth Wells

I am quite firmly a fan of the colour pink (I even take guilty pleasure in scattering glitter around at points!!) but as a Mum of a little girl I am also accutely aware of the 'pinkification' of children's toys. (My daughter happily states her favourite colour is brown!).
I get so cross seeing adverts for 'Barbie' or 'Play Kitchens' with pretty girls 'floating around' giggling and pandering to very traditional gender stereotypes. I love that my daughter is as excited about dinosaurs, pirates and cars as she is with buggies, babies and cooking. It is frustrating though that advertising and packaging is still so hung up on narrow gender ideas. One of my friend's husbands was mortified that his son wanted a baby buggie for Christmas. Perhaps these items should be placed upon the top shelf and placed in a brown paper bag following purchase!!
No wonder trying to encourage young people to explore gender stereotypes and raise their aspirations is difficult when they have been socialised into these ideas from childhood.
Sorry I'm ranting!!


In response to the boys with buggies issue - I think it is very healthy for my 3 year old boy to enjoy pushing around a baby buggy as there is a reasonable chance that he willbe a dad himself one day and I want him to be a good daddy! And he sees his own dad doing it a lot.

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