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December 01, 2009


Kathryn Cunliffe

I enjoyed his article, just what I needed to hear, thanks.


Hehe, there's a lot of sensible stuff in this article! I have been single, married, then single again when not expecting it (my husband died suddenly at a young age a few years ago) and I can tell you first hand that there are definitely advantages to both sides of the marital status coin; you do, definitely, have to make the most of what you have, while you still have it!


One of the best articles I've read on singleness...thanks!

Karen Turnbull

What a brilliant, thoughtful article. I also think great chunks of it could be applied to any kind of thing we long for, which God seems not to be providing. I have been married a year, having previously had along single patch in my life (nearly 7 years). But now i find im not sure what to say to my single friends - all my experiences as a single person dont seem like much use to them coming from someone who is now married, and i really dont want to patronise them. We need more of what has been said in this article, said in our churches, by people for whom it is a present life situation... because it always helps knowing you are not the only one.

Seamus Sweeney

Am interesting and thought provoking article.Anthony Storr's "Solitude" is a great book on our cultural preoccupation with being in a relationship and psychological health and solitariness.

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