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October 11, 2009


james hawes

This doesn't surpise me. The Theology that is often preached is partricahal, the men who sit in postions of power support the hierachy of partriachy and are scared of actually questioning it. Patriachy supports misorgny and bullying behvaiour and attitudes. In my view the Church will never accept equality of the sexes and will never fully accept women to be women priests rather then just dressing them up to look like and be like their male counterparts. I mean no offense to a womens ability to be a priest but I often feel that they have to fit into a male centred theology and eccleisology.

Ruth Thomas

PLEASE! I know it's fashionable to label all those opposed to women's ordination or consecration as "mysogynist bullies". But it's simply not true. I know quite a number of them -- women as well as men -- and most of them are serious theological thinkers who take the Bible so seriously that they can't work around the injunctions they read there against women being in leadership. Personally I think they are wrong, but unless you've never read Corinthians, there is a real case to be made on why they are wrong and it's not a simple one. That's why so many books have been written on it and why the debate still isn't closed (eg the Catholic church, way over half of all Christians on the planet). Meanwhile, name-calling and lack of respect towards those we disagree with won't help. And if all women decide to leave the church, we certainly won't change its male heirarchy, will we?

james hawes

Ruth, perhaps the serious theological thinkers you know take the Bible too seriously and culture and context not seriously enough!! To be honest the problem may be, that there is too much ‘thinking’ and not enough ‘feeling’ going on. Those in power will always use the texts to their advantage – to keep their position and their privilege intact.

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