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October 12, 2009



It's hard to comment on this blog without making a whole bunch of further gender assumptions but I have a few thoughts. I think we have an education system that is far better suited to girls than boys - a lot of talking and listening and very little doing. The problems also start early as all the evidence suggests that boys are a little slower than girls with things like verbal and writing skills so they're on a back foot from day one. I have also noticed a funny thing with my eldest but still very little boy. He's tall, and so people forget he's only 2 1/2 and expect a lot more from him than they do other littler kids his age. In early education, boys do tend to start of bigger than girls, they do need to be kept a little more active and also have a greater tendancy towards separation anxiety. All of these factors can easily lead to a little one being labled a trouble maker and struggling to shift that label.


This is a good reminder to treat everyone with the same respect, whoever and whatever. We are all equally precious in God's sight, male, female, young, old, whatever abilites/disabilities we have. How easy it is to get into moaning about a 'group', whether it be 'school kids on buses', 'old people in Sainsbury's' or just 'men'!

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