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October 01, 2009


Sara Hargreaves

Thanks Ruth!

Karen Turnbull

When you read what some of the great men of the past have said about women, incertainly throws a different light on the "position of women" debate... its hard to take seriously someone's views on women when they say only redeeming feature of marriage was that it produced virgins... even if they did say sensible things on other subjects.

Judy Redman

It takes a long time to change attitudes and it's true that all women in leadership are being watched very careful. There have been ordained women in the churches that came together to form my denomination since at least the mid 1960s. One of them ordained its first woman in Australia in 1937 and in the world in the 1880s. Recently, however, at least some of the members of a search committee for a new minister announced that they didn't think they wanted another woman because their last minister had left to join another denomination. I have never heard of a church that has said they don't think they want another man minister because the last one did something wrong, but I am very conscious that there are people who will take every wrong move I make as something done by a woman. Whenever I point out that the negative things they say about women are not true of me, I get told "Yes, but you're different."

Judy Redman

Ooops - should have proof-read that more carefully - women in leadership are being watched *carefully*

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