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September 11, 2009



respect! I coached girls/womens "soccer" in the US in the late 80's and "soccer" attitudes to women playing the game then were light years ahead of us, even today Big Up for Hope Powell!


I was having a discussion with my husband the other day about whether we thought a woman would end up managing a Premiership male football team at any point soon. In theory it could happen, but we thought that sadly it was unlikely to happen for a long time. Hopefully, I am wrong...


I think you're right Amanda - it's not going to happen soon. There's too much separation between men's and women's football at the moment in all sorts of ways - quality, investment, profile... Women's football is seen as something that women watch and women report on and write about. It needs to become more mainstream and normalised , and less 'strange' before we're likely to see more women making inroads into men's football. For a start, how many women have had the necessary experience to manage a male team?

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