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August 24, 2009


Dave Halls

I'm almost embarrassed to know this but I have managed to find the NRSV online. It but was still there this morning at http://bible.oremus.org/

More importantly, I do think that the issue of inclusive language is a critical issue. We have switched to TNIV for preaching but still need reminding when I use excluding language. Though I'm also grateful for those women who sometimes just sigh and ignore it too, otherwise we would probably never get anywhere.

Circa 1990 at the Bible Society, when revising GNB, we did a small piece of research and found that there was a break point re perception of exclusiveness. At that time, if I remember rightly, women above 30 years old in our sample tended not to identify feelings of exlusion when reading bible texts. Younger women did. Quite markedly. That would suggest that, twenty years on, most women of all ages (and men for that matter) would benefit from inclusive language.

Within the Bible publishing world the case was made and accepted that far back. I'm not sure I can understand why the TNIV hasn't been loudly celebrated and put front and centre of the NIV product range.

Jenny Baker

Thanks for the link to the NRSV, Dave - very helpful!

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