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August 17, 2009


Diane Woodrow

It is one we at home come back to again and again. I was a single mum for 10 years and got my kids to help too, but when I married Ian, even though he had lived at home for most of his adult life he still expect me to take over. Interestingly the kids, because he didn't do anything, stopped helping. It is a conversation we come back to time and time again. Like you say it is something we all need to keep talking about because often for me it says that what I do, which is not full time paid work but we both agree is important, is not as important as what Ian does.
Well done for bringing up what is often seen as mundane.


I feel very blessed to be liberated from most of the ironing duties. My husband John is ex-army and to be fair irons much faster than I ever could and so in our sharing of the domestic responsibilities he does the majority of the ironing. Funny enough we fight over the washing and race to get to it first. The sharing of domestic duties is shared depending on our work commitments and is adjusted accordingly. Interestingly John is slightly embarresed to be doing the ironing and so I am banned from putting the light on without drawing the curtains incase the neighbours see him! I truely am blessed!

Ali Campbell

Hi, we have two small children (4 and just coming up to 2) and part of my responsibility first thing is to get the girls up, sort out nappies and get them dressed whilst delivering a cup of tea to my wife. Working in ministry enables flexibility, I try and get out of the house by 7.30am, once those things are done (and dishwasher emptied from the night before etc) - from my perspective, Lisa has the children all day, it is the least I can do . . . I leave early so I can be in before 4pm, having time to play with the girls - and we all eat together at dinner time - about 5pm. I am not a saint, I just think this IS possible, for men in ministry reading this - be honest, most of our working day we CHOOSE how we will spend our time, the work never ends - but our children will never be the age they are now ever again. Be there!

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