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August 06, 2009


Martin Saunders

I think it is vitally important that we don't overlook the role of Wendy in Bob the Builder. While Bob often instigates the work, he is prone to mishap - especially due to the intervention of an horrific reanimated zombie scarecrow - and it is usually Wendy who saves the day. Often she demonstrates greater physical dexterity and architectural nous than her male counterpart, and is in my opinion a marvellous advocate for total gender equality.

Very sincerely,



Thank you Martin - a good point and you're clearly more of a Bob expert than me!

james hawes

I think the idea of encouraging young people to be involved in non-tradional work is an important evolvement of helping both boys and girls break down gender sterotpying that I beleive is still very presnt in society. In terms of Bob and Wendy.... Bob is clearly the main character, it is his business,he still has control. Building is notoruioiusly male dominated and takes a tough skinned and strong women to break into this field.
I think Bob the builder just colludes with sterotypical culture and terms like 'behind every good man is a good women. If Bob the builder was to really question gender sterotypes perhaps it should have been called 'Wendy the builder'?

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