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June 01, 2009


Mick Porter


Wow, what a great quote.

Hope it's OK that I comment on here (not being a woman and all), but that bit really resonated with me.

Mick Porter

Sorry, quote disappeared - I was referring to:

" I've looked all through scripture and church history for people who did significant things for the Kingdom and none of them exhibited any signs of balance. I think balance is a myth."

Jenny Baker

Mick, you're very welcome to post on here! I liked that quote too.

Lucie Greenland

Love it! Danielle is a true inspiration for me not to feel that I'm too strong and passionate to be ladylike!!


I agree Lucie! Danielle has written a book on women in leadership called The Liberating Truth which will be out in time for Spring Harvest so look out for that. We'll be reviewing it on the blog.


Cheers Jenny. Pre-ordered it on the net last week and looking forward to the blog.


I'm halfway through reading Danielle's book which I bought at Spring Harvest. Truly amazing book that has really made me think.

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