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May 22, 2009



I think the company who made this advert should get with the times more. No one thinks this way, even if i was light-hearted comedy. If this amount of people complain about it then it should be taken off whether ASA think its suitable or not. Its certainly offended many people. Its sexest and offensive and I'm disgusted that its been broadcast! x

Andy Forrest

This advertisment is a perfect example of sexism. Will overnpride be making an advertsising slogan of 'So easy, a Pakistani can do it' next time? Afterall, it would only be a bit of humour wouldn't it!!

Pam Smith

I'm not sure what she's meant to be angry about in the first place.

My sons (now aged 21 and 25) notice a lot of anti male sexism about but I don't think it's anything new. When I was at university and teacher training college it seemed that anyone could get a round of applause at a women's meeting by saying 'I am angry!' and cataloguing all the ways in which men had oppressed women over the centuries.

I don't like this approach because actually it accepts one interpretation of history which is actually incredibly ante-women - saying that women have never achieved anything until about a hundred years ago - which just isn't true.

David Mackenzie

Typical ASA - "most people would view it as light-hearted and comical".
This stuff is light-hearted and comical, it doesn't mean it's right:

Lisa Malcolm

The more men and women put each other down, the more distracted we get from God's original purpose for us - that we build each other up and work together to serve Him, love Him and tackle stuff that really matters, like injustice, poverty, abuse, hatred. There are just soooo many more important things to be battling against than each other!

This sort of humour doesn't help because it is only funny because there is an element of truth there and it leaves a residue of hurt and resentment.


David - those ads are really interesting. Hard to believe that they're not spoofs!

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