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May 01, 2009


radical evangelical

dear anon

thank you for this - you are brave to give voice to the weariness and frustration of your journey.

it is one that many face (i am not a youth worker but am about to train for ordained ministry) and i have heard other stories like yours and have faced things like this myself.

you are not alone.

the truth i feel is that there are many ways in which women can be demeaned because of their gender - we need to have strength to speak out and we need to encourage each other that we are not 'having a rant' but that we are walking with Christ as he works against injustice in all its forms.

blessings, jody

Sharon Prior

Dear Anon!

You are certainly not alone here. I mentor lots of women in churches and christian organisations who feel very similar to you.

It helps me to see that I have been very fortunate in my Christian life, as I have always had men who have supported my gifting and encouraged me to exercise them both in and outside the church. So this has not bee aproblem for me.

However, I would like to encourage you that things can be different and there is hope for things to change. So don't give up.


Sarah Dickenson

Dear Anon!

I am gutted that you feel like this and want to shout at the top of my lungs - IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!!

I have to be honest and say that I've found a different approach has kept me from ever experiencing the feelings you've expressed. The different approach I'm talking about is making a conscious decision to submit myself to the male eldership over me and trust them in their God given authority. I've found this approach ridiculously releasing. I don't have to worry, or strive, or push my agenda because I know the guys in authority over me believe in me, know my gifts and will honour and protect me in every situation.

I don't feel like I'm held back, or pushed to the sidelines in fact I'm able to step out with amazing security and freedom. Everything I do is submitted to the elders of the Church I work for and my covering comes from them - I'm not afraid to say that I think submission is key. I wholeheartedly believe eldership is male and that women should be released into EVERY other leadership role going (which would include preaching). I think God has created male and female differently and that includes different roles.

As a part of Christ's Church we're called to submit to GODLY eldership, (whether we're male or female) the more and more I've embraced this the more and more released I've been to use my gifts in the local church, regionally and nationally.

I'm sorry this hasn't been your experience, and bad male leaders can make the life of a gifted women a nightmare - I sympathise with you and share my experience as an encouragement - there are men out there who when secure in their own gifting will do everything they can to release young leaders (male or female) in theirs.


Colin Wignall

This is a billiant statement and I pray for more women who stand up and say that Christ's work cannot be done just by men. We all have a part to play and God has and will mighily use women in the fulfillment of his purposes.


Dear Anon, I feel you pain! Praying for a supernatural release and a place of rest for you. Don't stop pushing... the ground has to be broken and you have been chosen for this role. May God Himself, the God of Peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus christ. The ONE who CALLS is FAITHFUL and


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