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January 05, 2009



Ruth this is a wonderful wonderful article. I have had so many friends who came out of the Banking World who have suffered Depression and still to this day are suffering from the aftermath of the past few years.

I can empathazie myself not diagnosed at all but feeling of not being in control or have failed have taken over my thoughts, being strong does not mean you cannot ask for help or regognise symptoms in others that they need support.

I believe in this society with so many pressures it is inevitable that someday in our lives we will reach this moment ourselves, hopefully with support and guidance it will be in passing and a normal happy life can resume itself.

Thank you Ruth for bringing this artilce and problem to life. Many mental illness like Parkinson are never addressed or kept in the dark - it should be bought into the light and an open topic of conversation and support.

Thank you Ruth again.


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"talk about how you feel as much as you can"

and that should be done in very good moment with loved one

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