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November 07, 2011


Dannijella Dragas

Shocking but why am I not surprised and that is shocking in itself. Human Trafficing exists even in my own Home Country of Merry Old England and under our noises while we look at other countries in the Middle East and Asia, here it is right where we sleep and breath.

If you stop the Men and Boys looking at woman as if we are objects to dispose of and use when we wish, Toys of Pleasure and give Woman Value then we can try to change the Minds of the next generation.

It is also the minds of the young woman who seem to feel that they have no value or self esteem, perhaps to get the attention that you see on TV, be as shocking, and as unlady like as possible we get you attention -- oh yes it will be it seems to be attention of the wrong kind and only for the Shock Value of a Few Minutes of Fame and a life time of regret.

Where do you begin to fight this battle? from both sides in our homes, schools, churches, work place and in the MEDIA. Take away the supply and demand and you take away the industry. Maybe I belong to era of 1950 where there was respect now there seems to be no end to the shollow forgiveness we give and we over look any kind of miss conduct to the celebraties who now seem to be the STANDARD of which we all should live our lives.. is there any real true sold role models left for our youth.... OF COURSE THERE ARE BUT THEY DO NOT OBTAIN THE MEDIA ATTENTION, THE NEWS WORTHY FRONT PAGE ---



Thanks Dannijella. I hope it's not too late! The documentary included input from the youth workers who working with the girls who are being targeted, but I agree that this needs to be tackled on lots of levels and it needs action by men as well as women.

Dannijella Dragas

Jenny please let me know how I can assist you in anyway either over in England or internationally. Feel free to contact me, I am very active and socially aware of the need to not ignore this, violence against woman can be in many forms as we know, physical and mental either way it is violence that should not be here in this century. Another form of slavery that woman are subjected to. Human trafficing has to be stopped and the abuse of woman.

Thank you for the reply and I am so pleased you have this wonderful website.

All my very best.



thanks for posting this
I saw it too late to watch the documentary ... but I agree this is something that needs to be tackled at every level ..including I might add our own attitudes towards men and women as sex symbols or a 'bit of alright'

Dannijella Dragas

Stand united in this fight, the power of one can turn into the force of many, change the world one child at a time, one family at a time. It just takes courage to form the movement and help our children and the generations to come.
Please contact me so we can discuss how to make the changes necessary.~ DSD

Dannijella Dragas

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