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I'm very interested in what men need to do in the fight for equality!

Thomas Brackett

Ed, As I host gatherings around the Episcopal Church, I'm learning that my position is a great opportunity to break out of some old conversational patterns. When I am asked for expert advice, I try to remember to ask for a woman's perspective on the question just asked. I'll even stall by saying, "I'm not sure -- what is the wisdom in this room? What is a woman's way of knowing on this matter?"

'May sound corny but just that little shift can really break some things open. Ed, pray that I remember what I'm sharing here and that I have the courage to resist the male dominated way of knowing (as practiced by both males and females in our present structures.)

Stories are the best container for truth. Stories are like Manna -- good just for the moment and always fresh for today.


Thomas, I'm sorry for the dealy in getting back to you: for some reason, I seem unable to post comments on this blog from the computer in my house.

I appreciate what you mean by resisting the "male-dominated way" - one of the reasons I now worship in the CofE is that I objected to the wholesale rejection of the female viewpoint in general and the refusal to even countenance talk of ordaining women in particular.

Please don't think I was being facetious with my comment - what was on my mind at the time was that I'd just read two articles. One was by a primary school head-teacher who was pioneering a "men in school" project to balance the absence of any males on the staff; another was on how boys are joining gangs to experience the degrees of risk and adventure in their lives that they are denied by officialdom.

I hope the CofE gets woman bishops so that the female way of thinking can be institutionalised into the Church at every level. But we can't forget that women and men are at heart very different creatures, and the many differences can't be dissolved by diversity policies, no matter how well-intentioned.


Ed - thanks for your comments.

I think there are two things that sometimes get overlooked in any discussion on the differences between men and women. One is that there can be huge differences between any two women, and between any two men. In other words, there can be as much diversity within each sex, as between the sexes, and it makes universal statements such as 'women are nurturing' or 'men are leaders' really difficult to justify.

The other question is where those differences come from - are they innate, a part of the way we were made, or are they down to our culture, the way we've been brought up. I think the reality is probably a complex mix of the two - we are embodied people after all - but I think culture has a huge role to play.

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