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October 28, 2009


james hawes

I would add another driver and that is performance based self-esteem. many people work hard because it makes them feel good, it gives them a sense of achievement and purpose and emotional comfort. This driver can also make work addictive.

Ali Campbell

The reality in youth and children's work, is that most of those I have engaged with have flxibility in their jobs - but many feel the need to try and keep up with the Vicar. Contracts exist, but no hours of work, an expectation from some church leaders that Sunday working for example is "your gift to the Church", not negotiated, just told it doesn't count because volunteers give their time on Sunday . . . the pressure to "be the answer" for young people, for men with children there seems to persist the idea that certain roles (changing nappies, getting children dressed and fed) are not theirs, even if their partners also work . . . . most salaried youth and childrens workers have flexibility, we often need to be led and managed into good habits - unfortunately, not always modelled by those we might work for.


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